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Now you can create an account and advertise StarGames in order to make money.
See the videos and info below. They will help you to start with the partner program and make it easier to use.

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How we want to be advertised

How we want to be advertised

The more players the better! To promote StarGames, simply select one of the following channels, or a new channel in the future!


Media Buying

Pay Per Click

Email Marketing

Social Media

Calculation of the credit

Calculation of the credit

CPA / Cost Per Acquisition
Aquired players multiplied by your commission

Aquired players


RS / Revenue Share
Net margin multiplied with your agreed percentage

Net margin


Pixel Tracking

Pixel Tracking

We can place a pixel in our registration and payment page. When you buy traffic from a media agency which offers pixels, send them to your affiliate manager so that they are installed.

Pixels can be placed for each tracker that you have created under your StarGames affiliate account.

Important: We only accept image pixels!

Sub ID

Sub ID

This allows you to use an additional parameter (IDA). The parameter can be dynamic and allows an additional level of tracking.

The SubID can allow a Link 10 parameter on the same landing page instead of 10 separate links that refer to the same landing page.

Please contact your affiliate manager for further questions

Embedded Games

Embedded Games

We offer official Novomatic embedded games. A great way to show players the games we offer and to try them out before registration.

You can also place a tracker in the game and receive a commission for every player won.

For an embedded game, please ask your affiliate manager.

Prohibited countries

Prohibited countries

As stated in our terms and conditions, we can not accept players from certain countries.

Popular games in certain countries

Popular games in certain countries

When you advertise StarGames is a particular country, please clarify with your affiliate manager which games perform best in that country to achieve the most viable/profitable results.

Our Affiliate Programm offers

  • Credit payout twice a month
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Reliable daily report update
  • Great payment options for players
  • Trustworthy partner programme
  • High conversion rates
  • Official Novomatic games & other games
  • Lucrative commission model
  • Player welcome bonus with the first deposit
  • Play straight away - No Downloads
  • Player loyalty & VIP programme
  • 11 million players in our network